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About Me

About US

Routine is key in making any pet‘s life as satisfying and enjoyable as possible. TPS offers a level of professionalism that hobby sitters don't, in a personal setting that boarding facilities can't.

We DO: daily trail walks, weekly hikes, in-home visits (at client's home).

We do NOT do: boarding, housesitting, aggressive breeds or animals with communicable diseases.

professional pet sitter

I’ve been a full-service pet-sitter since 2006 and previously worked in insurance claims before I made my interest in biology my profession.


I am a graduate of the Des Moines PD / Polk County SD Citizens’ Academy and animal first-aid trained. I have countless miles of hiking with my clients dogs under my belt; and not even speed bumps such as the coldest April in recorded Iowa weather history (April 2018) can stop me. As a seasoned pet-sitter, I love to work with large dogs, but privately I’m a cat person.

Chris Wolf, President

Prof. Pet Sitter

certified, bonded, insured


ABOUT Michelle

I am a U.S. Air Force veteran and police clerical, mainly responsible for administrative duties in our mom-and-pop organization. I've been walking dogs and pet sitting professionally since 2018. 


I have owned, fostered, or otherwise cared for animals of all kinds since the age of seven: cats, dogs, parakeets, lovebirds, horses, fancy rats, goats, a guinea pig, and an albino ferret. I even once babysat a rhea bird!

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